About Alexis


Alexis Antoniou (MA,PGDIP,PhD Candidate)

Alexis Antoniou is a licensed Psychologist and a Systemic Psychotherapist based in Limassol-Cyprus. He holds a bachelor degree in Psychology, an MA in Clinical Counseling Psychology, and Diplomas in Addiction Counseling and Parent Effectiveness Training. Furthermore he has undertaken a professional training in Systemic Psychotherapy and is currently a PhD Candidate in Psychology.

As a Psychologist he has worked in many mental health placements such as KETHEA Athens (Therapy Centre for Dependent Individuals), Doctors of the World Greece, and at the American Academy Counseling Centre. Currently he is the scientific coordinator of  psychological services at the Family Guidance and Support centre in Limassol-Cyprus where he offers counseling and psychotherapy but also supervision to psychology and psychotherapy students. He is also the scientific coordinator of the Systemic Counseling Centre where he offers counseling and psychotherapy services, and workshops. Alexis has treated more than 500 clients up to now in his practice, and is experienced dealing with complex situations and backgrounds.

Alexis is a motivated professional who has passion for his job and can promote wellness, change, and positivity to individuals and families.


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